7 Silly Mistake In Sultan Sure No one Notice

Movie maker did many mistakes during the making of movies. However, the movie maker takes too much care but many times they fails. Mostly people don’t notice these mistakes accept some smart people. Few people noticed some mistakes when they observe closely. Recently, Sultan movie is released and we sure that you definitely never notice some mistakes that are we showing you in below contents. So let’s see some mistakes of big budget movie Sultan that are really shocking.
Playing a role of Haryanvi person was not so easy. Salman and Anushka slipped after every 3 dialogues and it was seeing very strange.

1. Sultan

In a one scene of sultan movie, Salman picks three kids on scooter for dropping to school but he takes them for ‘ganne ka ras ‘and then leaves all three kids. This is really very funny.

3. Sultan

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