BSF Jawan Is A Terrible Alcoholic: Say Officials!!!

Prior, a BSF Jawan who transferred a video about unpleasant states of sustenance became famous online. People in general was shocked with the recording in the video. However the video did not indicate unhygienic conditions.

The video rather resembled a grumbling for the extravagances he was seeking in the constrain. The states of the military are intended to be somewhat unforgiving. In any case, the way the BSF Jawan Teg Bahadur Yadav appears not to follow them.

“Neither the media, nor any clergyman tries to comprehend what we are experiencing (cruel climate). We live in the most exceedingly terrible conceivable conditions. After this, I will share three recordings that will demonstrate how we are being abused by our authorities. We would prefer not to accuse a specific government, since they give us all that we require. However, it is our seniors who see supplies implied for us to the nearby market, so it never contacts us,” the fighter said in the video.

The authorities reacted to this video and gave a brief history of the BSF Jawan. They said that he is a general truant and additionally a heavy drinker. He has been into verbal spats with higher authorities prior as well.

See the affirmations of the BSF Jawan in the video underneath.

The video may appear to be passionate yet the authorities reacted to it rapidly. A group was sent on the spot to explore the circumstance. The circumstance might be really as ghastly as he shows. We don’t know till any announcement is given by the higher authorities.

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