How have been difficult for Govinda to face his daughter’s death

Govinda Arun Ahuja alias Govinda is well known. Govinda is one of the greatest actors of the film era. Working in Films for more than a decade. His closest fans know him as Govinda and Chichi. Govinda has spent more than 30 years in the film industry. Mumbai-born actor make audience laugh and cry with his brilliant performance.
Govinda is opened in his reel life as compared to his real life Very few people know about his real life. All believe that Tina (Narmada) Ahuja is his eldest daughter. But very few people are aware that his first child was a daughter who has died.

Let us know.

Govinda a Comedy king

Among the audience, known by the name of comedy king Govinda released his debut film ‘Ilzaam’ in 1986. Govinda is a good actor than a dancer, comedian and former Politician.

He married

Assistant director of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anand Singh ‘Tanbadan’was under production of him and Govinda was the star cast of this movie,. Govinda was on the set of Tanbadan where Govinda met Sunita sister in law of anand singh. She was shy and falls in love with Govinda. March 11, 1987, the two tied the marital bond.

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