This Ex-P0rn Star Reveals the Darker side of Society after She quits P0rn!

Bree Olson  decided to quit p0rn and thought of leading a normal life. She left porn industry in 011 and today it is been 6 years, she is still in search of a normal life where she can live with respect and dignity.
In a video interview Bree Olson revealed how she is leading her life  after leaving the porn industry.
She said “When I go out, I feel as if I’m wearing ‘slut’ across my forehead. All the mean things people say to me on the internet — that’s how I feel when I walk out the door.”

“I’ve gotten to a point where there are days to weeks at a time that I don’t leave my house, because I don’t feel like facing the world. I get so disappointed when I meet a new friend, and it turns out they don’t want to be my friend anymore. It’s easier for me to stay inside my house.”she continued

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