Fact Of Bollywood Which Is Shameful

Some bad activities which made the victim of bollywood

Shweta Prasad


Shweta Prasad won the National Film Award, despite of this she spent last two months in rescue homes. Last year in Hyderabad when police raided the hotel where this Bollywood heroine was arrested. At first she said to the other actress are also involved in this business. But after spending two months in rescue she denied to be involved in this business she said that she went there for event so she stayed in that hotel.
Subhash Ghai, Manisha Koirala

Ilu Ilu-90s girl on Showman Subhash Ghai, Manisha Koirala’s mother accused him of sexually Harrasment. It is another matter that the Bollywood plenty of notoriety Minsha ever said anything about it, but never again did not work with Subhash Ghai,

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