What Happened When This Man Threw Iphone7 From Burj Khalifa, Watch The Video

Have you at any point given an imagined that what will happen to your telephone in the event that you would drop it from a working as tall as 829 meters. You wouldn’t do that without a doubt, and you would most likely not trust that anybody would even consider doing as such. In any case, a man tossed his iPhone in addition to from the well known working in Dubai. Burj Khalifa. Perused on:

World’s Tallest Building

A tech blogger via web-based networking media needed to comprehend what might happen to telephone on the off chance that it was tossed from a stature. For this he picked the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai. He tossed his iPhone in addition to 7 from 148th floor of this popular building.

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