O Really !These 7 blockbuster bollywood movies rejected by Salman khan

Dabanng Khan of Bollywood is known for his sizzling looks and difficult to-handle identity. His fits are much more forceful to adapt up to than some other on-screen character in the film business.Salman had been in numerous discussions since he began his effective profession in Bollywood. In any case, the Sultan of the film business conceals everything with his awesome selection of motion pictures like Bajrangi BhaijaanAlthough he did a couple of flop movies in the past few years but that never disheartened his fans. However, the bad news is that there are many blockbuster movies which were offered to Salman in the first place but he refused to do them for various reasons.

We would have been very lucky to watch him act in these great movies had he not rejected them. And no doubt he would have nailed it pretty well.



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