Priyanka Jagga’s brother: She is MORE FAMOUS than Salman Khan!

Viewers have been witnessing the weird aggressive attitude of Priyanka Jagga from the very first episode of Bigg Boss 10. She made a image of making big issues on small things and manipulating Swami Om all the time. Things got worsen when she back answered Salman Khan on weekend episode (24/12). Hence the result, Salman khan played the unedited videos of Priyanka Jagga to showcased her unacceptable behavior in the house and also said that she don’t belong to this house.

In the same week Priyanka said that “meri aukaat Bigg Boss se zyada hai”. To this Salman replied her back saying that her aukaat (status) is actually bigger than this show and asked her to leave the house. Nobody from the Bigg boss house went  to bid a good bye to Priyanka, as they were thanking Bigg Boss and Salman Khan for making a this decision.  It was first time in the history that Salman Khan asked any contestant of bigg boss to leave the house.

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