In real life geeta phoget won gold medal in second round but in the movie why she won in three round?

Live life in such a way that people give examples. Films are being made nowadays on such similar examples. Recently released a Dangal, “Mhaari Corian, Chorun se kam hain ke?” Film Freestyle Wrestler Geeta Phogat to win the gold medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games are based on the journey. Geeta Phogat Mahavir Singh’s father in the film, played by Aamir Khan’s character.

1.In the movie we see the last scene of 2010 common wealth game.They make suspence thats why they changed the fighting sequence.Geeta’s fight with australian girl Emily Bensted .In the movie Emily look more agressive and the match go in the third round.Movies score is 3-0, 4-6, 6-5 but in the reality the score was 1-0 and7-0. In the real match and the third round was not played and in the whole match Geeta is more strong then fmaily.

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