Shocking: Priyanka Opened some secrets of Bigg Boss and Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Priyanka Jagga Bose revealed surprising about the big boss and Salman Khan
The most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 10 is Priyanka Jagga is knocked out of the Bigg Boss house by Salman khan due to her bad behavior. After this Jagga darts frantically several charges on the producers of the show’s, host Salman Khan and on Bigg Boss.

Let us show you, is what she said Jagga.

Salman was so angry, because she had been forbidden by the dancing.

Priyanka says that Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss house for a birthday surprise dance was being planned. But Priyanka because of her ill health had refused to dance. Therefore, Salman Khan had become angry with her. So it was the reason for her eviction.

It was the compulsion for Priyanka to be rude with Salman Khan

She said that despite her several request, the show’s creator was not let her coming out of the Bigg Boss house. So she had to be rude towards Salman, so that she can come out of the Bigg Boss house.

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