Wanted Actor Inder Kumar Passes Away At 44 Due To Heart Attack

Bollywood performer Inder Kumar passed away early today. The demise was because of heart failure. Inder was at his living arrangement in Andheri’s Four Bungalows when endured the heart failure at a young hour in the morning. The time was 2 A.m.

The incineration function will be performed at the Yaari Road Shamshaan Bhoomi. Inder’s ex father-in-law Raju Karia affirmed the news of performer’s passing endlessly.

“He passed away at 2am on Friday morning in the wake of agony a heart failure,” said Inder Kumar’s ex-father-in-law Raju Karia.

Inder was conceived on 26 August 1973. He was a Bollywood on-screen character and was known for doing supporting parts in different movies. Inder has worked in films like Wanted, Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge, Maa Tujhhe Salaam, Paying Guests and some more.

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