WoW These are the world’s 10 most expensive pets, you may also be able to purchase them

These are the world’s 10 most expensive pets, you may also be able to purchase them

Many people are very fond of raise animals. If you are also animal lovers, your home would some pets. But we usually raised like dogs, cats, cows, buffalo, rabbit, turtle and these are also easily available. They do not have to buy loose pocket too much.
But in some pet whose value is so high that I could not even dream about bringing them. Even if I want them do not know what would have to sell the house, the car. Okay, so what if you cannot buy them we can get knowledge about them.

Green Monkey $16000000

If you are thinking that the world’s most expensive green monkeys and apes, then you are wrong. This is a horse and a man called Demi O’Byrne is purchased. Since its offspring do well in the race then bought it on Demi unfortunately Green Monkey could not win even a single race in 2008 and retired.

Miss Missy $1,200000

Miss Missy is a ‘White Holstein Cow’. It is very much famous in the world. Miss Missy won the major championship in 2009. After winning this, many people would be tempted to buy it and finally bought by the owner of the $ 1.2 million.

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